Pine tar has long been known to and used by the people of Turkey (Anatolia) in various ways. Being a nomadic tribe in origin  gave the Turkish people a stronger sense of nature and instinct to gather their needs from their environment. Pine tar thus has been discovered and used first by the nomads of Turkey on higher plains of Anatolia.

The production has not much changed since then. Still simply made kilns are used for the pyrolysis of resinous pine roots and stumps. Known under different names such as Stockholm tar, liquid tar, wood tar, goudron de pin etc., the uses of pine tar were quite wide spread such as wood preservation, animal care, hunting, rubber industry, gardening, snake repellent products, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Turkey has had a long tradition of producing pine tar, not much known to the world unlike Svcandinavian countries of Finland, Norway and Sweden. Yet it is here to discover.